Harry Style ditched his One Direction boys?

Performer Chelsea Ferguson, 25, has claimed the singer flirted with her and got "intimate" when he was partying in Newcastle's Perdu Club after a concert in the city.

She told the Sunday Mirror newspaper:"Things got out of control. We were intimate. Let's just say all pop stars think they can be with you and Harry is no different ... [He] and I had a good time.

"It was a really good night. Everyone had fun and it was pretty laid back. No-one really noticed us together."
Chelsea explained the 19-year-old heart throb had gone over to introduce himself after seeing her stripping, and pointed out their shared love for tattoos.

She added: "I had done a striptease and showed my boobs. He walked up to me and said, 'Hi I'm Harry. I have just done a gig in Newcastle'.

"He wanted a conversation, to chill out, have fun and get drunk. I couldn't believe Harry Styles wanted to spend time with me.

"He stared at the rose tattoo on my hand. Then he lifted his shirt and showed me the ones on his chest. He smiled and said, 'Look, we have our tattoos in common'. He has a really good body."

She also revealed the 'Little Things' hitmaker admitted he enjoys partying more than his band mates and likes to meet "young ladies".

Chelsea said: "He said the others don't really go out. He's charming and said he enjoys meeting young ladies ... and who can blame him?"

A spokesman for the pop star has denied claims the pair were "intimate".

He said: "Harry did not get intimate with Chelsea. He spoke to many fans in the club that night, but nothing else happened."