Glenn Beck in tears
During an interview with Katie Lee Gifford for the ‘Today’ show, Glenn Beck showed a different side of his typically “fiery” self and broke down and began to cry when discussing his encounters with abuse and a difficult family history.

“I’m much more than a cartoon character,” Beck said at the start of the interview before it turned more emotional. During the chat, Beck speaks of his new fictional book “The Snow Angel,” which he says is inspired by the abuse he endured as a child.

“My father told me - and great, now the Today show is going to make fun of me again [chuckling] - abuse is generational” said a choked-up Beck.

Later in the interview, Beck offers his insight on the recent Occupy Wall Street protests.

“I wouldn’t want to be my kids, I wouldn’t want to be my wife,” says Beck at the close of his interview, in reference to how the public perceives him. After leaving his show on FOX, Beck has since created his own online-subscription service Glenn Beck Television, otherwise known as “GBTV.”

Below, check out the interview with Katie Lee and Glenn as featured on the ‘Today’ show.