Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift
Last week Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson Conor Kennedy was just another suntanned teenager with a loopy smile knocking around Hyannis Port in Massachusetts.

Alright, he was a Kennedy too, which isn't exactly insignificant, but the point is he wash't a celebrity - yet. Today he is. The reason is that it looks like he's dating country music's biggest star.

Kennedy was seen kissing, holding hands and according to the New York Post getting extremely touchy-feely with the blond star last weekend at the exclusive Kennedy compound according to an unnamed witness.

How she got there no one knows. How this all got started no one knows. But Swift reportedly arrived at the Kennedy compound last Friday where she rented a small house on the property, a requirement for guests by the property’s managers at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute.

Later the willowy singer and Conor, the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Richardson Kennedy, were spotted bouncing together on a trampoline and having a good time.

Later the pair attended a house party nearby where Swift’s unexpected presence turned heads, even among the locals who have had decades to get used to the Kennedy family's famous guests.

Conor Kennedy, who just turned 18 last week and Swift, 22, eventually left the party through a back door and headed down to the beach, where they reportedly strolled hand in hand.

Still later the romantic pair joined a group of friends at a local pizzeria.

'He found her a seat. It was very sweet,' the source told the Post. 'She was laughing and talked with a lot of little kids.'

On Saturday the toothy twosome were spotted sailing and later they met with the imposing family matriarch Ethel Kennedy. On Sunday, in grand Kennedy tradition, the two were spotted attending church together.

Just eighteen and about to take his first steps into the jaws of what Lady Gaga calls the fame monster, let's hope he fares better than some of his relatives.