Informed sources tell us that Susan Boyle and Piers Morgan enjoyed a smoochy kiss at the end of the taping of Susan's British TV Special "I Dreamed A Dream."

The filming, which took place in London in December, was packed with Susan's fans, but none were allowed bring cameras or cell phones into the event.

However, one of the people in the audience sent us this note.

"While Susan was standing with Piers Morgan who had moderated the show, Susan thanked everyone for their support and the show ended with applause with the cast of Les Mis on stage and cameras stopped rolling.

"Then the live audience broke into "kiss her!" kiss her!", at which time Susan gave Piers a questioning look, and Piers Morgan gave Susan a huge, bend over backwards kiss, and which she came up from fanning herself! They received a standing ovation and cheers from a packed audience. A wonderful moment, and not a camera was rolling at the time!

"But over 300 hundred people saw it happen. Yes, Susan has been kissed! End chapter! I have friends there who were there at the taping and witnessed the entire wonderful event! No cameras or cell phones were allowed in the taping, so no one could snap a picture."

What do you think? Did Susan really get the big smoochy kiss from Piers?

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