Irish-born Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch says she found it hard to let go of her role as Luna Lovegood when the last installment of the series was filmed this summer.

“It’s really sad,” she told Nylon magazine. “Harry Potter was like a security thing. It was like school. Every year you’d know you’d have school at the start of September and then you’d have Harry Potter a few months later. And then to have it suddenly gone…. It’s kind of scary.

Asked what she would do now that Harry is over she says she is still working that out. She is a talented painter, jewelry and clothes designer and a serious scholar.

“My ambitions change every five minutes,” she says but adds that she will act “Definitely,” she says “When I started, I didn’t think I wanted to. I just wanted to do Luna. But on the last day I was like, ‘I definitely don’t want to stop."

She also revealed dance is a passion of hers and helped her overcome chronic shyness.

If she didn't dance and hadn't won the role of Luna her life would have been very different she says

“I’d be a lot different. I think I’d be very shy, and shyness is such a barrier.”