Ed Sheeran

The 'Drunk' singer added a picture of a steaming mug with a tea bag label hanging over the side on his upper left arm while he appeared on Bauer Radio show 'In:Demand' in the UK on Wednesday night (07.11.12).

Ed chose the design himself, after being asked what he wanted to get he replied: "Maybe a pie, or a cup of tea?"

The tattoo artist made three versions of the design, and Ed picked the largest version, held it up against his arm and enthused "yep that's cool!"

After the design was complete, Ed said: "Apparently I'll do anything for Alex on 'In:Demand', he needs all the love he can get."

Ed has several tattoos including a ginger bread man, the label from a can of Heinz tomato soup, and the title of Taylor Swift's new album, 'Red' - on which he co-wrote and performs.

He also has a tattooed interpretation of Van Gogh painting 'Starry Night' - depicting a village and swirling stars above in yellows and blues - on the same arm.

Tattooist Kevin Paul, who did the work, said: "He didn't flinch and always asks for something really creative."