According to Dina Lohan, her daughter, Lindsay is fine. Being interviewed over the weekend she said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her daughter.

Lindsay is currently serving a sentence in rehab. This is the fourth time she has visited rehab and has been sent to prison over various drug and alcohol charges.

While being interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today” show she seemed to be confused about the facts. Dina insisted that her daughter had only been in rehab twice when in fact she has been to rehab four times.

Lauer said “Clearly, rehab doesn't work”. Dina responded saying “When you say "works" or "not works", I don't know where you're getting this from.”

As the interview went on she became more defensive. See seemed to want to blame everyone but herself for her daughter’s situation. Dina has been spotted out partying with Lindsay on a number of occasions.

Dina said that Lindsay’s troubles are the fault of paparazzi, the ‘hardball’ judge, the tabloids, the city of L.A, the Internet and her ex-husbands but not Lindsay’s or hers.

Her ex-husband does not feel the same way. He has said “Dina and I caused this and we need to fix it…Professionals have recommended that Linds needs family therapy with us, but Dina won't do it.'

She says that Lindsay will be out of rehab soon. She also seemed to say that letting Lindsay get into trouble was part of her grand plan.

“As a parent you have to let them go a little bit. To live and fail and survive. Without failure, there's no success. Lauer also asked Dina is she thought her daughter would survive. She said “I'm not going down that road. I don't foresee ‘her dying young.'”