Irish American comedian, Denis Leary, who plays Tommy Gavin in the FX firehouse drama 'Rescue Me', has told the Boston Herald that there will be a final shocker before show's finale, on the 10-year annivesary of 9/11.

“There’s a final twist right before the final credits...Hopefully, the audience will like it,” said Leary.

Leary refused to give any details about the plot away however there have already been months of speculations such as Tommy dies or everyone dies.

Lenny Clarke, who plays Tommy Gavins drunk Uncle Teddy has said that the final scene is "gonna be insane".

“It’s not going to leave you like 'The Sopranos'..I thought that ending sucked. I thought my TV broke.

“I think people are going to be really happy with it,”said Clarke.

Clarke also jokingly said he hopes that Leary will do another TV series and give him a job. However, he also said that he believes Leary will do movies for a while.

“I thought we should keep going with “Rescue Me,” just run it into the ground...But no one listens to me. I’m just a comedian.”

Leary told the Boston Herald that he plans to do "Ice Age 4" immediately after "Rescue Me" finishes up. He joked "Then Ice Age 5, 6 and 7...I can keep going with this forever!”