The newest titbit of gossip for the former first daughter’s wedding is that “Dancing With the Stars” dancing pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy choreographed Chelsea's first dance with her new husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

According to Chelsea’s guest it was truly magical. “It was an amazing, funny, unexpected dance ... Bill and Hillary seemed to love it,” said a friend.

According to OK Magazine Maks is keeping his mouth shut, it seems the Secret Service have gotten to his too. He’s not giving anything away about their special dance.

He said “Their wedding was kept very personal and private, and I respect their privacy.”

The more we hear about Chelsea’s wedding the more perfect it sounds. It’s no wonder that someone striving for the picture perfect wedding would hire a professional to make sure the first dance goes off without a glitch.

Of course, everybody now claims, they always knew she was a big fan of “Dancing with the Stars.”