I'm still stunned at the news that Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend are splitting up.

They seemed like a really decent couple - the antidote to the Brangelina carry-on if you know what I mean.

A close friend says that Charlize, 34, feels the passion is gone from the relationship.

"Charlize said that she realized during the Mexican holiday the relationship was over. They had become more like brother and sister than lovers. It was she who ended it."

Hmm. Personally I wouldn't rush it Charlize.

You won't be the first person to fall out of love with your long-term partner.

The problem is you're just as likely to fall back in love with them again.

But it all gets a little messy if the spurned partner's moved on and found someone else.

And let's face it. The man always moves on first.

Irish star Stuart is reportedly gutted and why wouldn't he be?

He's always said that he considered Charlize to be his wife, even though they refused to get married until gays won the same rights as straight people.

"I didn't do a church wedding or anything but we consider ourselves husband and wife. I don't need a certificate or the state or the church to say otherwise."

Hang on in there Stuart.