Carey Mulligan - photo-shoot for W magazine
The British actress has a string of Hollywood roles in the pipeline but is keen to be cast in a theater production because she thinks that is where she does her best work.

She said: "The best moment of my career was doing 'The Seagull' on Broadway. It was a couple of years ago but nothing's topped it, the feeling of being on that stage. It's so immediate and so consuming in a way that film isn't.
"Film's are so stop and start, and that often makes me act badly, or I just can't forget that I'm being watched. But on stage, I'm blinded by the lights. I have a couple of hours and no one tells me to stop."
Carey also revealed she had to take singing lessons ahead of her latest role as extrovert Sissy in 'Shame' after lying to director Steve McQueen about her musical abilities.
She told the Metro newspaper: "When Steve said, 'Can you sing?' in the meeting I was like, 'Yeah, of course I can.' I got the job and thought, 'S**t, I have to learn how to sing.' So I had lessons."
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