Rose Byrne

The actress plays attorney Ellen in TV series 'Damages' but says she could never be a legal eagle in real life as she doesn't have the right personality.

She said: "I'm fascinated by lawyers. My late uncle was a QC, an incredibly successful barrister in Australia. The hours that peopled like Ellen and my uncle work are incredible. It takes a certain type of personality to do that.

"Lawyers are incredibly driven and you need some kind of extra engine that keeps you going. I don't have that."

'Damages' will end after this series and Rose admits it's a "bittersweet" situation because although she's sad to see it go, she knows it's the right decision.

The 32-year-old beauty told the Metro newspaper: "It's bittersweet. The writers worked until they were black and blue to get the show to where they want it and they need a break. It's a good time to leave - on a high - rather than dragging it out."