California based Kerry Campbell injects her 8-year-old daughter Britney with Botox so she can look better for child beauty pageants.

In what had to be one of the scariestsequences ever seen on television, Good Morning America today showed pictures of the mother, a beautician injecting the little girl and also proudly announcing she had used waxing on her little girl too.

Photographs of the little girl's swollen face after the procedure were also featured while the mother proudly chatted about how many wrinkles on the child's face had been erased.

It is hard not to be shocked by such cruelty and to wonder can this mother be allowed to do this to her child?

A doctor interviewed stated the damage to the child is far more than physical and one can only imagine as she grows older how she will feel.

The mother seems completely off the wall and there is surely two questions to be asked.

Where is the father that allows this and where are the authorities when a child is clearly having pain inflicted on her?

Hopefully we can get answers