Ben Affleck is out and about promoting his new Boston-based movie "The Town" at Venice Film Festival and he's sporting new gray mane. Reporters so far seem shocked....really?

Affleck is 38-years-old. Isn't it only natural that he would be gray by now.

Look at Matt LeBlanc he recently gave up on dying his hair admitting that he'd had to dye his hair the whole way through the filming of "Friends".

Even Patrick Dempsey, Doctor McDreamy, is advertising men's hair dye and admits that he's gone gray.

I don't see why it's such a big deal we've no problem with George Clooney, Harrison Ford or even Brad Pitt sporting a bit of salt and pepper gray. It's a shame that their younger counterparts feel pressure to deny their age.

Affleck looks as good as he always had.

While at Venice Film Festival his co-star Rebecca Hall was singing his praises. She said "He's kind of what you expect...He's incredibly smart; he's good fun. It's got to be odd being that famous, especially in Boston, where he can't walk a block without having to put his hood up. He is Mr. Boston."