Looking to reignite the passion in their marriage actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have gone to the holy land to rediscover whats lost in their relationship.

Kutcher, ever the faithful twitterer, has been letting his fans know of his recent activities and is not holding anything back.

Ashton tweeted the pair are “sharing love and light while in Israel.”

He said they were "Asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences."

Over the summer it was rumored that Kutcher, a hot 32-year-old toyboy, cheated on the “Ghost” star with a woman he met at a bowling alley.

He reportedly called her on a phone number she quietly slipped him on a napkin.

Other rumors circulating the press is that the couple are swingers and enjoy an open marriage.

We’d like to tweet read about that!

The pair laughed off the rumors and even went as far as posting pics of Moore in a bikini on twitter along with thank-yous for the well wishes for the fifth wedding anniversary.

Although they may be finding time to fall in love all over again, Kutcher was reportedly in Israel to speak at a Bezeq conference and he brought Moore, 47, along.

Both actors are devoted followers of Kabbalah.