Has Jennifer Aniston fallen for a married man? If the latest report from the National Enquirer is anything to go by then it seems that Aniston is very unlucky in love at present.

Latest news insist that Aniston’s long term friendship with co-star and Hollywood actor Paul Rudd has resulted in more than platonic feelings.

A source told the National Enquirer “I think Jen has developed an unhealthy attachment to Paul, after having her heart broken so many times, Paul seems like a safe alternative for Jen. She has a huge crush on a completely unattainable man.”

According to the source Aniston’s crush on Rudd stems from their close friendship and the fact that he is such a solid family guy. The pair are due to start filming Wanderlust in the coming months.

Rudd married film executive Julie Yaeger in 2003, the couple have a four-year-old son together.