A video posted on YouTube appears to have captured images of a UFO flying erratically over an Irish village – with a police helicopter in pursuit.

American website www.examiner.com has published a story with links to the YouTube footage.

Author Tom Rose claims that the video features the "amazing sight of a UFO flying erratically near a pursuing police helicopter in the rain-soaked, cloudy skies over an unidentified Irish village."

His report says that since the quality of the video is not the best, both objects are too far away from the camera to be clearly identified.

Rose wrote: “But the aerodynamic acrobatics of the unidentified flying object, which seems to be dancing circles around the helicopter, are unlike any conventional aircraft known today.

“On the audio track of the video the sounds of beating helicopter rotor blades can be clearly heard. Whatever is taunting the chopper, however, seems to be silent.

“The amazed villager who catches the action lets fly some well-placed Irish swear words, but who can blame him for that? The incident is absolutely amazing and quite confusing.

“As the UFO video plays out, the chopper closes in on the object circling in the sky. As it draws nearer and begins to hover, the unknown aircraft starts to fly around the helicopter crazily.

“Any responsible pilot would know how dangerous such manoeuvres can be, so there’s no good explanation for what is happening."

A keen observer of the paranormal, Rose added: "It’s too bad the UFO sighting is so far off."

“The picture added here is the best quality manageable for a close-up. It doesn’t reveal much, but it’s obvious from watching the video that this is not what a responsible pilot would attempt, or achieve, in any regular aircraft like an airplane, jet or other helicopter. So, what is it?”

Here is the video: