A 25-year-old emigrant from Dublin was found dead in her bed in Singapore.

Orla Daly, from Clontarf, in Dublin, moved to Queenstown, Singapore, in January 2013. She was found dead in her bed by her best friend Michelle O’Brien, early on Wednesday morning. The circumstances of her death remain unclear.

The Irish government’s Department of Foreign Affairs have confirmed that they are providing consular assistance to her family who are traveling to Singapore. The Irish Mirror reports that her mother Noreen and sister Aisling will bring her body home.

Neighbors told the Mirror that the community was rallying around the family including her John, her father, and her teenage brother.

A neighbor said, “I went to sympathise with John and Noreen as soon as I heard and they were just stunned, simply numb with grief.

“They just kept saying they never expected to be bringing Orla home in a coffin because she went out there to be happy and for a fresh start and now this, like we’re all just heartbroken for them.

“They’re a lovely family, John’s always doing odd jobs for the neighbours and helping out where he can and they have raised three beautiful children so this is just heartbreaking for them.

“When I spoke to them they had no idea what had happened to Orla and it’s a nightmare being so far away and with the language barrier too I suppose but they’re expecting answers soon.”

Friends have said that O’Brien, who found Daly’s body in the house they shared won’t stay on in Asia.

One said, “Michelle had booked to come home to Dublin for two weeks in September but she’ll want to be home for Orla’s funeral and I doubt if she’ll ever go back.

“They were joined at the hip, they did everything together and now all those memories will be tinged with sadness because Orla died there.”

Just weeks ago Daly tweeted from Singapore saying, “Absolutely loving it here, couldn’t be happier. Everything has fallen into place.”

Clontarf priest Fr Larry White has been in touch with the Daly family and has asked that they have peace “at a time of great tragedy and loss.”