Paddy and Manny, two Labradors, were trained in Ireland to become the world’s first DVD-sniffing dogs in an attack on worldwide movie piracy.

The Irish dog duo were sent to Malaysia last year by the U.S. Motion Picture Association, and though yellow Lab Manny has since passed away, black Lab Paddy has helped officials to seize around 35,000 copies of pirated movies and games in the country, according to AP.

The Motion Picture Association released a statement that six Malaysian warehouses, which planned to export the illegal copies to Singapore, were shut down in the raids last weekend. The illegal movies, which cost the film industry billions of dollars every year, included copies of “Terminator Salvation,” “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian,” “Angels and Demons” and “Star Trek.”

Paddy’s nose caught the movie capers by sniffing out hidden disc caches and a chemical used in DVD manufacturing.

The Irish dogs are sending a message to movie thieves worldwide. Mohamad Roslan Mahayuddin, a senior official of the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry, said: "This is a clear signal to the pirates that we will not waver in our efforts to shut them down.”

Paddy and Manny made up the world’s first permanent canine anti-piracy unit, which was set up in Malaysia in February last year. Manny died in May last year.