A massive winter storm is lashing Ireland this weekend as winds of over 100 miles an hour are recorded in several areas.

Temperatures plummeted to freezing and frost and ice was widespread.

The famous Cliffs of Moher were put off limits to visitors and the visitor center closed as winds reached gusts of 110 miles an hour, TheJournal.ie reports.

A spokesman for the visitor center stated that conditions at the Cliffs of Moher were “extremely dangerous.”

Strong winds and gale force gusts will continue over the weekend and may have been responsible for the disappointing Black Friday sales in many areas.

Temperatures will be cold, between 1 and 4 degrees according to Met Éireann.

The strong winds are predicted to continue into today and Sunday with gale force winds continuing to batter the country.

Ireland has had a rough start to the winter months with Storm Barney lashing the country mid-November and now this. In 2014, Ireland also had ferocious storms.

Sunday morning is set to be the wettest part of the weekend with flooding likely.