Astronaut Mark Kelly may run for his wife’s seat in Arizona if she is too unwell to run herself.

New York Magazine is reporting that Kelly has drawn the attention of Democratic Party honchos as a perfect replacement if Giffords is not physically up to the task in next year’s election.

The Diane Sawyer ANC special on Giffords aired on Monday night showed a courageous woman who had made an incredible recovery from the brain injury suffered in an horrific shooting  – but also a person with a long way to go.

The fear among Democrats is that if Giffords does not run for the seat the Democratic Party will lose it to the Republicans.

Kelly has become a major figure in the conversation because of his own background, an astronaut hero who has loyally stood by his wife during her horrific ordeal.

The Irish American from a working-class New Jersey background could be an amazing political candidate say leading Democrats.


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New York magazine reported that “One of the daydreams floating through the corridors of Washington these days is that Kelly will step in. “He’s really accomplished. And there’s the popularity that both of them enjoy. Plus his biography would make him compelling,” said an influential Democrat.”

It turns out that Democratic leaders had already checked when Senator John Kyl announced his retirement if Kelly was willing to challenge for the open seat.

He refused but has not ruled out a political career.

His career as an astronaut is over after the end of the shuttle program and he has spent all his time working with his wife and helping write their joint autobiography.

With that complete he may be looking for a new horizon if his wife is deemed too unwell to run for office.” She’s the politician in the family,” he said recently. “I’m the space guy. And I see no reason to change that …now.”