Huge interest has been sparked in Irish America by the competition to name Ireland’s greatest person which is currently  being held on RTE television in Ireland.

We are asking IrishCentral readers to cast their vote with us as to why they believe should win the accolade
Just list you preference in our instant poll and we will count the entries.

RTE, Ireland’s national television station, initiated the contest and it has now  been reduced to five people, three living, two dead by voters.

The five left are:

1. Michael Collins, Described as Ireland’s George Washington, generally credited with being the most influential figure in  creating the modern Irish republic. He was killed  in an IRA ambush in 1922 after he accepted the Treaty that partitioned the country.

2. Bono, the international rock star and celebrity who has become as well known for his good works in Africa and elsewhere as for his music  Now aged 50, he continues his global ambassador role.

3. John Hume, chief architect in many eyes of the Irish peace process. which ended Europe’s longest running conflict. The Derry native committed his life to winning peace in Northern Ireland and won the Nobel peace prize when it was achieved.

4. Mary Robinson, only woman on the list and the former president of Ireland who transformed that position and the role of women in political life in Ireland. Robinson also became U.N Human Rights Commissioner.

5. James Connolly , Scottish-born, played a huge role in the Easter 1916 Rising and created much of the framework for the new Irish state. Lived in American for a time. Shot by British firing squad after Easter 1916 Rising.

Who do you think should win? Let us know below.

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