The launch of a small-scale manufacturing center “The House of Waterford Crystal” was welcomed by Waterford City today. The small center will allow centuries of tradition and craftsmanship to be kept alive though the company, Waterford Wedgewood went into receivership last year.

The manufacturing center will employ 110 people, along with 40 others at peak times. This comes as good news to the hundreds of glass artists and machinists who lost their jobs in Waterford last year.

Included in the center is a cultural center that will walk visitors through 600 years of heritage, tradition and craftsmanship rooted in Waterford. Innovation and design will continue in the centers brand laboratory. Visitors will also be able to visit the lab and see the journey through 225 years of crystal making. The center will produce 40,000 pieces exclusively for those who visit the new facility.

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Designer John Rocha and Pierre de Villemejane, chief executive of brand owners WWRD, watch master glass blower Thomas O Reilly at work