Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Northern Irish rapist Edward Connors (19) who fled failing to tell the police that he had entered the Republic of Ireland.

Four years ago when he was 15, he twice raped a 29-year-old American tourist. He fled to Dublin and later gave himself up to the authorities.

In 2009 Connors was jailed for eight years. He was released earlier this year having served a total of four years.

He was charged in Dublin District Court on 26th July 2012 for failing to notify the police of his name, address, and date of birth, as per the Sex Offenders Act. The day before this court appearance he had been arrested in Dublin’s Labre Park, where he had been staying with his aunt. He made no reply in court when cautioned.

Connors successfully applied for bail when he appeared at the Cloverhill District Court six days later.

During this bail hearing, police officer Dave Connolly objected. He said he believed Connors “would be a flight risk” and did “not normally reside in this country”. The court heard that when Connors saw the police he tried to escape. He was arrested after a chase.

At that time a bench warrant had been issued in Northern Ireland. He also had no identification documents.

Judge John Lindsay granted bail on the condition that he lived at a house in Labra Park, obeyed a curfew, and signed in twice a day with Ballyfermot police. He was also asked to make confirmation that he had contact with the Police Service in Northern Ireland (PSNI) within 14 days. Lindsay said Connors was not to leave Dublin unless it was to “attend appointments with members of the PSNI”.
Connors was set to appear at Cloverhill District Court on Wednesday, 29th August.

In court, his defense lawyer, Kelly Breen, said she had not seen her client. A police sergeant added that he had not been complying with his bail conditions.

According to the Evening Herald’s reports, Connors had served a custodial sentence for offenses he had committed when he was 15-years-old. At that time he was also arrested for breach of his probation terms.

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