Twitter users in Spain are calling for a boycott of the Irish owned airline Ryanair after a video of a woman being rejected from a plane for having the wrong hand luggage. 

The woman carried a book and scroll on board as they would not fit in her suitcase. She was asked to disembark the plane. The video shows the woman arguing with police officers as the other passengers shout “shameful, shameful” as she’s escorted off the plane. 

The story broke on in the Spanish newspaper ABC. They reported that Ryanair staff instructed the police at the Manises airport, in Valencia, to remove the woman from the airplane. 

Ryanair has defended their staff’s action claiming that woman had become disruptive and had “pushed past” the gate agents without showing ID or her boarding card.

A spokesperson said, “This passenger was in breach of airport security regulations, and having become disruptive was properly removed from the aircraft at the request of Ryanair agents."

Soraya Pla posted the video on Facebook and wrote, “Look at what we have just witnessed on a Ryanair flight, I am crying with helplessness.

“They took her forcefully, because of a simple book and a scroll that did not fit in her bag, without even letting us who offered to put in ours.”

Earlier this year in September, Ryanair were slammed by the public for asking 70-year-old Bridie O’Donnell from Donegal to check in her oxygen mask instead of bringing her life saving equipment on board.

Here’s the video in question: 


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