Some of the top tech executives in the world gathered in Dublin today for the city’s 7th Web Summit. The two-day Summit, held at the RDS in Dublin, has 150 attendees from such hot companies as Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.

The Summit’s website explains how it was conceived by Paddy Cosgrave “to provide Irish start ups and web types with the opportunity to meet and learn from incredible entrepreneurs, investors and influencers at about half the cost of comparable events in Europe.” With 150 attendees and over 1200 attending the speeches, opportunity for networking is abundant.

The Summit offered optimistic news for an economically struggling Ireland, with announcements of the creation of new jobs. It was reported last month that Twitter will be opening offices in Dublin, but no further details as to its function or how many jobs it will create were provided. General manager of Twitter in the UK, Tony Wang, noted to a standing-room only hall that along with “the availability of skilled staff and good technology infrastructure” in Dublin, execs were also impressed with the “friendliness” of the city.Twitter will be joining other tech juggernaut Google in Dublin.
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Ronan Harris, director of online sales at Google, said how it is not only Google who is creating more Irish jobs. He explained how employees at Google have gone onward to other ventures, thus spawning even more jobs in newly created companies.

Colm Lyon from Realex Payments delivered more good news as he opened the Summit this morning by saying that a recent business deal will add 50 more jobs to the company.

The Business section of The Journal compiled some noteworthy tweets sent out during the Summit today. One, from Brian Cullinane (@BrianRCullinane) shed some light on the atmosphere of the Summit and said “Loved positivity and can-do attitude of tech companies large and small global and local at #dws7 [Dublin Web Summit 7] today. Problems = opportunities. Great.”

This year’s summit coincides with an announcement from the Government that a €10 million funding program will be initiated for international start-up businesses who are located in Ireland. The plan will be directed mostly at the Irish diaspora.

The Dublin Web Summit continues tomorrow and will be featuring speeches more tech celebs such as Eric Ly of LinkedIn and Chris Poole of 4Chan.