1.  Cloyne Diocese report—revealing yet another massive cover up of child abuse in an Irish diocese by bishops and underlings.
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2.  The debt ceiling debacle in Congress when we wished for an adult to shush the fighting children and get them to grow up.
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3.  The incest/pedophile allegations in the Irish Presidential race.

For weeks, two candidates, David Norris and Dana were beset by lurid stories from their past. Hardly the stuff of strong democracy.
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4.  A series of summit meetings of European leaders after which it was always announced a deal had been reached on the Euro  – until the next breakdown. The upcoming train wreck is all too evident
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5.  The awful Nancy Grace denigrating poor Tristan McManus on ‘Dancing with the Stars’
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6.  Egyptian police clubbing defenseless women on the streets of Cairo; Syrian army thugs shooting their own people
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7.  Van Morrison’s sad revelation that his lover and their baby had both died
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8.  Rory McIlroy imploding at the US Masters when looking like he had it in the bag
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9.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg talking about Irish drunks hanging out of windows at the St.Patrick’s Day parade. He made his remarks at the American Irish Historical Society, one of the city’s great centers of Irish culture and learning
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10. Casey Anthony found innocent of murder, shocks the nation
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