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Israel denies attempt to derail Norris presidential campaign

The Israeli government has been forced to deny any involvement in a campaign to derail the campaign to get Senator David Norris elected as President of Ireland...READ MORE

FBI agent Theresa Foley to sue agency after contracting disease from rats

A Special Agent is suing the FBI after contracting a debilitating disease after being forced to share sleeping space with a colony of rats in Guantanamo Bay..READ MORE

Miracle girl Megan is cancer free after U.S. treatment

Cork tot Megan Malone will return home at the start of September after life saving treatment in America – months after Irish doctors told her parents she had weeks to live...READ MORE

IrishCentral's guide to getting an Irish passport

An Irish passport is one of the most sought-after travel documents in the world. I have both Irish and English citizenship and have always used the Irish passport in preference. It's kitschy but true; being Irish is seen as being more, well, likable or something. The easiest way to get an Irish passport of course is to be born in Ireland...READ MORE

Irish mass goers walk out over priest’s anti-Semitic comments

Kilkenny massgoers walked out of a church service last week after the priest described the Minister of Justice as 'Jewish and non practicing' during the sermon...READ MORE


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