Today's top Irish news stories:

‘Rifleman’ witness claims that Whitey Bulger is a pedophile

Stephen Flemmi, the former Winter Hill Gang mobster known as The Rifleman, accused his old partner James Whitey Bulger of being a pedophile on his third day of testimony yesterday, claiming the Irish American mobster once flew a 16-year-old girl away to Mexico for a tryst...READ MORE


Bill O’Reilly tells President Obama to get black America under control (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly apparently thinks that the biggest problem facing the black community in the United States isn’t racism, it’s actually black people themselves...READ MORE


Forbes Magazine apologizes for calling Irish president an ‘acknowledged homosexual’

Forbes magazine has apologized and removed an article from its website which claimed that Ireland’s president Michael D. Higgins is gay...READ MORE


The Royal baby and hidden agendas, blanket coverage an exercise in cynicism

The obsessive coverage on Sky News surrounding the birth of the future British king highlighted everything that is sour in the celebrity-driven media...READ MORE


US treasure hunters $35 million in silver in ship sunk by Nazis off Ireland (VIDEO)

U.S. deep-sea treasure hunting company Odyssey Marine Exploration has recovered 61 tons of silver bullion this month, a total of 1,574 bars, off of the western coast of Ireland. The recovery was made from SS Gairsoppa, a 412-ft steel-hulled British cargo ship sunk by a Nazi U-boat in February 1941...READ MORE


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