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Little Irish dancer Jane Richard tragically loses leg in Boston marathon terror blast - VIDEO

The Irish dance community in Boston is in shock over the news that one of its cherished students, seven-year-old Jane Richard of Dorchester, lost a leg in the terror attack at the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon...READ MORE


GOP bigs gather for Maggie Thatcher’s funeral but no Democrats bother

“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” has become a surprise hit in Ireland and Britain after the death of Margaret Thatcher.

She will be buried today, Wednesday, in a ceremony that is already attracting massive criticism for its cost and its cast of characters...READ MORE


Police investigate death of Sligo man Gary Feeney on New York construction site

An investigation into the death of the 24-year-old construction worker Gary Feeney has been launched by New York State Police (NYSP)...READ MORE


Boston Marathon blast revives Omagh Real IRA bomb terror says Unionist leader

Monday’s Boston Marathon bomb blasts have revived painful memories of the 1998 Omagh bomb in Co. Tyrone, a Stormont Assembly member said...READ MORE


Irish cab app Hailo hires Starbucks boss - set for New York and worldwide expansion

Hailo has set their sights on cities like NYC and Tokyo as they prepare to change the world of taxis as they did in Dublin. The company became the most popular taxi service in Dublin just three months after its birth. Success like this could never go unnoticed, therefore Hailo has attracted a big name and big money...READ MORE


Martin Richard, bottom right, was with his family watching his father, Bill, run the marathon. Martin died in the blast, his mother, Denise, and his seven-year-old sister Jane are in hospital with se