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Nobel poet Seamus Heaney says there will never be a united Ireland

Nobel Prize for literature winner Seamus Heaney has said there will never be a united Ireland and that Loyalists should be allowed to fly their flag over Belfast City Hall...READ MORE


Actor Stephen Rea carries coffin at ex-wife Dolours Price’s Belfast funeral

Hollywood actor Stephen Rea has carried his former wife Dolours Price’s coffin at her Belfast funeral.

But Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams stayed away as Republicans paid their respects to the former IRA hunger striker...READ MORE


Racist and sexist slurs found among One World Trade Center graffiti

From racism against the Irish, blacks and South Americans, and misogyny, the graffiti found scrawled in the construction workers toilets at One World Trade Center has shocked New York City...READ MORE


Immigration reform advocate Chuck Schumer says 2013 year Congress ‘finally gets it done’ - VIDEO

New York Senator Chuck Schumer said he and his fellow Senators who support immigration reform believe 2013 will be the year Congress “finally gets it done.”..READ MORE


The Gathering effect? Numbers traveling to Ireland from United States soar

From October to December 2012 the number of trips to Ireland from North America increased by 14.2 percent, which is up to 201,300 trips from the same time last year. The Central Statistics Office has just reported the figures...READ MORE


Nobel prize winning Irish poet Seamus Heaney laid to rest by grieving family, friends, and fans