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Hillary Clinton is the big winner after powerful Bill Clinton speech

Mr President Obama, meet your new best friend, Mr President Clinton.

Please also tip your hat to Mr President Clinton's spouse, Hillary Clinton who may well now be Mrs President Clinton in 2016...READ MORE

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Dublin gang claim they 'whacked' real IRA boss Alan Ryan in drug related assassination

A Dublin crime lord has bragged that his fellow gang members "whacked" Real IRA terror boss Alan Ryan.

The Evening Herald reports that one of Dublin’s top criminals has claimed responsibility for the murder of Real IRA boss Alan Ryan. A middle aged man boasted to his friends: "It was us that whacked him."...READ MORE


Notre Dame game is all 'Official Ireland' wants from Irish-America

What a fantastic weekend! Tens of thousands of Notre Dame and Navy fans taking advantage of all too rare great summer weather seeing the sights, 'having the craic' in Dublin and, of course, enjoying a football game. The general consensus is that they came, they saw and they were charmed...READ MORE

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Disgraced Irish bishop thought pedophilia was 'friendship that crossed a boundary line' – VIDEO

Galway bishop Dr John Kirby has apologized for his part in the movement of two priests who abused children in the Clonfert dioceses...READ MORE

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Irish American surrogate grandmother to release memoir

A year after an Irish American grandmother amazingly gave birth to her own grandson, mother Sara Connell has penned a memoir “Bringing in Finn” to share their emotional journey as a family...READ MORE

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