Top Irish news stories:

Shock as Bishops march in protest against efforts to liberalize abortion law - VIDEO

Four bishops have taken part in street protests against abortion outside the Irish parliamentary buildings in Dublin...READ MORE


Niall O'Dowd: Irish America stands up for Denis O’Brien and applauds loudly

Denis O’Brien is Ireland’s equivalent of Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish emigrant who made billions and gave it all away in the final decades of his life...READ MORE


Robert Pattinson fears his career after ‘Twilight’ will be like Leonardo DiCaprio after ‘Titanic’ - VIDEO

Twilight star Robert Pattinson fears his career after “Twilight” may resemble Leonardo DiCaprio’s ongoing connection with the film “Titanic”...READ MORE


Bill O’Reilly on Bob Costas’ gun control comments - seeks harsher sentencing on gun crime - VIDEO

In the wake of the recent and tragic murder-suicide by Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher, Bill O’Reilly responded to sportscaster Bob Costas’ views on gun control...READ MORE


Notorious Irish crime boss Eamon Kelly shot dead in broad daylight

Ireland’s most notorious criminal Eamon Kelly died on Tuesday after being shot three times in broad daylight while out walking...READ MORE


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