Today's top Irish news stories:

Irish woman sues after New York State advert claims she has HIV Aids

An Irish woman who was wrongly identified as HIV positive in a newspaper advertisement by  the New York State Division of Human Rights is suing for $450,000 damages…READ MORE


Liberal Irish priest’s group ‘exhilarated’ over Pope Francis interview on gays

Father Brendan Hoban of the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland said his group is “absolutely exhilarated” with the pope’s words in his interview in 16 Jesuit magazine…READ MORE


Scientists confirm redhead gene evolved due to lack of sunlight

Scientists believe that the “ginger gene,” or “V6OL allele,” showed up 50,000 years ago after humans left Africa for colder climates. This gene made human’s skin lighter, as they were exposed to less vitamin D from the sun…READ MORE


Queen Elizabeth more popular than Martin McGuinness among Northern Irish Catholics

A new poll by the Belfast Telegraph, ranked Queen Elizabeth II as more popular than Martin McGuinness among Catholics in Northern Ireland…READ MORE



Irish dad 'tortured' before his murder in war-torn Kashmir

Relatives of Nazir “Dave” Hussain, the Irish citizen who was kidnapped and murdered while on a visit to his native Kashmir have claimed that the father of seven was “tortured” for hours before being killed…READ MORE