Today's top Irish news stories:

‘Severe turbulence’ injures eight on Dublin bound United flight (VIDEO)

One person was hospitalized and several others sustained minor injuries after a United Airlines flight from the U.S. to Ireland hit severe turbulence during its descent into Dublin Airport….READ MORE


Emotional letter to Kalie Gill written by her injured sister Lindsey

Close to 1,000 people heard an emotional letter from Lindsey Gill to Kalie, read by their sister at  the funeral mass in St. Barnabas Church, in Yonkers…READ MORE


Chief witness in Natasha McShane trial admits she lied to Chicago police when first quizzed

Marcy Cruz, the key prosecution witness in the beating of Irish student Natasha McShane, admitted she did not witness the attack and that she had changed her story several times….READ MORE


Robert Kennedy stole JFK's brain after assassination, new book claims (VIDEO)

A new book claims that Robert Kennedy stole the remnants of his brother’s brain, after an autopsy was performed on the assassinated President…READ MORE


Violin that played as the Titanic sank sells for $1.7 million at auction (VIDEO)

A violin owned by the musician Wallace Hartley, who played as the Titanic sank in 1912, has sold at auction for $1.78 million, more than three times the anticipated price….READ MORE