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Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns after sexual allegations by four priests

Irish-born Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien has resigned effective immediately and will not take part in the papal conclave. His resignation means there will be no British representative at the conclave...READ MORE


 ‘‘Lincoln’’ star Daniel Day-Lewis becomes first actor to win three Oscars'

Daniel Day-Lewis has made history with a third Oscar win at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

The Irish based method actor became the first man to win the coveted gong for the third time at the 2013 awards. He also became the first actor to win while playing an American president...READ MORE


 Irish swim coach and suspected pedophile flees Florida home

Alleged pedophile swimming coach George Gibney has fled his Florida home after a campaign by a local child protection agency...READ MORE


 Irish American fashion designer suing ex-lover for genital burns after tea was thrown at him

Former ‘Project Runway’ contestant Irish American Emmett McCarthy is suing a former lover who threw scalding tea at him, causing him third-degree burns on his legs and genitals...READ MORE


 Times Square church outraged by Sunday morning drag show next door

A Catholic church in Times Square is outraged that a brunch time drag show is being performed at Lillie's restaurant next door in the middle of Lent...READ MORE


Irish-born Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien has resigned