Today's top Irish news stories:

Fascist groups now seen as behind Northern Ireland flag clashes

Right wing fascist groups and mafia-type intimidators now appear to be at the heart of the flag protests in Northern Ireland.

Britain First, a fascist group based in Britain, has claimed to be at the forefront of leading  what it describes as peaceful flag protests. 29 police officers were injured over the weekend in clashes that threaten to restore the bad old days in Northern Ireland...READ MORE


Irish American mob lawyer Gerald McMahon targets “rats” as he calls informers

When the mob has a problems with rats, defense lawyer Gerald McMahon handles the it.

“No one does rats like I do,” McMahon told The New York Post. “My specialty is cross-examining rats. I have good instincts.”..READ MORE


Golden Globe winner Daniel Day-Lewis donates Lincoln memorabilia to Wicklow hospice

A Wicklow hospice can expect to land big money after Daniel Day-Lewis scooped the Golden Globe award for best actor for his role as Lincoln...READ MORE


Rory McIlroy to become the new face of Nike in $250 million deal

Rory McIlroy will be unveiled as the new face of Nike on Monday – and bank a staggering $250million.

McIlroy will become the highest earning Irish golfer ever when he signs a lucrative new deal in Abu Dhabi...READ MORE


Obama plans to introduce comprehensive bill on immigration overhaul

President Obama plans to push Congress to move on an ambitious overhaul of the immigration system by proposing the changes in one comprehensive bill, administration officials and lawmakers have said...READ MORE