Today's top Irish news stories:

Irish American girl Sarah Murnaghan finally gets new lungs after judge’s order

On Wednesday June 12, little Sarah Murnaghan got the miracle she had been waiting for - a new set of lungs…READ MORE


Trial of Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger - who evaded capture for 16 years - begins in Boston

James Whitey Bulger, the alleged crime boss, is finally facing trial in Boston charged with 19 murders. Bulger was captured in Santa Monica, California in 2011, ending his 16 years on the run…READ MORE



Pope Francis confirms ‘gay lobby’ and corruption in Vatican during private meeting

Pope Francis reportedly made comments during a private meeting with Latin American Catholic clerics where he acknowledged there is a “gay lobby” in the Vatican and that there is a “stream of corruption” present…READ MORE



Samantha Power broke down in tears and apologized at meeting of Israeli lobby

Irish-born Samantha Power has been accused of selling out to the Israeli lobby in order to become UN Ambassador. An article by MJ Rosenberg in the liberal jewish publication “Tikkun” recalls how Power broke down in tears and apologized abjectly to a room full of Israeli supporters, after she had made controversial remarks…READ MORE


Planning a Trip to Ireland? Avail of our new IrishCentral Travel Deal of the Week

From now on, every week, IrishCentral travel site will host a new deal. There will be a new Deal of the Week every Monday morning – and it will stay live online for just 96 hours – the deal deadline is Thursday midnight…READ MORE


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