Today's top Irish news stories:

Pope Benedict XVI is very ill say close friends and clergy members based in Rome

Pope Benedict is in very poor physical condition and may not have long to live, reports say. "Benedict is in a very bad way," said Paloma Gomez Borrero, a veteran Vatican correspondent for Spain's Telecinco television network who met the former pope recently. "We won't have him with us much longer."…READ MORE


Irish American teen missing in Washington after embarking on naked 'spiritual quest' – VIDEO

Police in Washington are searching for a 19-year-old woman, missing since Sunday, who reportedly went on a trek wearing no shoes or clothing…READ MORE


Strange men in black show up at Yankee Stadium as Ireland lose 2-0 against world champions Spain

Yes, an Irish team famous for being the ‘Boys in Green' played in  all black at Yankee stadium last night, looking like a team of referees who had lost their way on the Cross Bronx and found themselves playing the world champions Spain instead…READ MORE


Irish roots for many in fascist England Defense Team organization

A significant number of English Defense League (EDL) members are second generation Irish, the far-right group claimed this week…READ MORE


The Bronx prepares for arrival of Irish J-1 students seeking slice of Big Apple

Thousands of Irish J-1 students have begun to arrive in the U.S. for a summer of adventure, as the annual deluge of third level students begins. Traditionally students flock to cities such as San Diego, Chicago and Boston for the summer months to avail of the three-month working visa…READ MORE


Pope Benedict has slammed Ireland's attempts at clarifying abortion law