Today's top Irish news stories:

Joe Biden challenges Irish Americans to help undocumented Hispanics become legal

Joe Biden threw down a challenge to Irish Americans to come in behind the Hispanic lobby and seek immigration reform because of the shared history of discrimination against the two groups...READ MORE


Cardinal Keith O’Brien had longtime fellow priest boyfriend says Scottish newspaper

The man who made a complaint against Scotland’s Catholic Church leader was also Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s gay lover.

The Scottish Herald newspaper has revealed that one of the priests who outed the anti-gay cleric was also his long term boyfriend...READ MORE


Hollywood goes wild for Irish baby names - the top ten girls and boys names

Irish baby names are hugely popular, and not just with us normal plebs, but with the Hollywood elite in LA and across the pond in Europe. Of course despite the fact that the most popular baby names of Irish origin are Kaitlyn, Aidan and Liam (usual names) the Hollywood stars had to go for something different...READ MORE


Worsening weather causes havoc across Ireland as blizzards forecast

Horrendous weather has brought parts of Ireland to a standstill again – with blizzards, torrential rain and gusting winds forecast for the weekend.

Travel plans are in chaos for commuters and thousands of homes have been left without electricity after the latest break in the weather...READ MORE


Nominating speech for Joe Biden for Irish America Hall of Fame

On his final departure from Shannon Airport 50 years ago this summer after his historic visit to Ireland, Jean Kennedy Smith’s brother John F. Kennedy spoke movingly of the old Irish exile poem and of looking forward to seeing “Old Shannon’s Face again.”..READ MORE


Vice President Joe Biden speaking on Thursday March 21 at the Irish American Hall of Fame event in New York City.