Top Irish news stories: 

Dramatic shift as House Speaker  now backs immigration reform

In a major breakthrough House Republican Speaker John Boehner has come out in favor of comprehensive immigration reform...READ MORE


Bono and Ali move to New York to be with their daughters

Bono and his wife Ali missed their two daughters so much when they moved to America that they have moved to New York to be with them...READ MORE


Could Ireland’s cloudy weather be the reason for the stereotypical red hair?

New Scottish research has found that the Celts flaming red hair can be put down to the weather. With ten percent in Ireland and 13 percent of people in Scotland boasting of glorious red hair, there could be something to it...READ MORE


Pregnant Irish woman Aoife Phelan was beaten to death and buried in barrel

Police in Laois have confirmed the body discovered on Thursday, was that of pregnant missing woman Aoife Phelan...READ MORE


Niall O'Dowd: Election night, Barack Obama’s re-election and Rory Staunton

There were few bigger fans of Barack Obama than 12-year-old Rory Staunton. His father, Ciaran, had brought him to the White House to the Irish celebration on St Patrick’s Day in 2011 and he had met the president and the first lady...READ MORE


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