Top Irish news stories:

Diplomats gone wild at U.S. Embassy in Dublin say concerned Irish

Since the Tim Pat Coogan story broke here, I have heard numerous horror stories about the American Embassy in Dublin and how it is treating Irish applicants for visas to the United States...READ MORE


Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc - total cost of damage over $71 billion

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has said that Hurricane Sandy was worse than the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans...READ MORE


New poll shows most Irish Catholics ignore church teachings, skip mass

Over one in five Irish who say they are Catholics do not believe in the resurrection, or that God created the universe, an Irish Times poll has shown...READ MORE


Unusual sighting of five humpback whales off Ireland’s south west coast - VIDEO

Five humpback whales were spotted off the coast of County Cork, in Baltimore Habour...READ MORE


Irish doctor blames rampant child suicide on lack of corporal punishment

The coroner for the east and south of County Kerry has said that the end of corporal punishment has a direct correlation to the rise of suicide in Irish society...READ MORE


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