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Top news from Hurricane Sandy:

Breezy Point -- Irish groups pledge massive support for homeless residents - VIDEO

Irish organizations are rushing to help the besieged Irish community of Breezy Point in Queens which was devastated after the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy...READ MORE


Bodies of two boys found in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - mother refused help during storm

The bodies of Connor and Brandon Moore, aged two and four, have been found on Staten Island. The young boys were separated from their mother Glenda while they tried to escape Superstorm Sandy...READ MORE


Top Catholic Church news:

Catholic Bishop who compared Obama to Hitler wants anti-Obama letter read from pulpit - VIDEO

A controversial Illinois Catholic bishop, who compared Obama to Hitler earlier this year, has ordered an anti-Obama letter to be read from the pulpit during mass this coming weekend...READ MORE


Former billionaire Sean Quinn jailed for contempt of court

Sean Quinn, formerly Ireland's wealthiest man, has been jailed for failing to comply with a court order...READ MORE


Christine Quinn warns Sandy looters will face extreme repercussions

As New York City recovers from the effects of Hurricane Sandy there have been mounting reports of looting in areas where there are power outages and abandoned buildings...READ MORE