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Family devastated after 13-year-old Donegal girl commits suicide due to vicious online bullying

Erin Gallagher (13) from Ballybofey, County Donegal, committed suicide last weekend having been bullied online, relentlessly, according to her family…Read More


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Living through Hurricane Sandy as she came ashore -- Scariest moments of my life as monster storm hit

In my 33 years in America I have never experienced anything like the last 24 hours. When the news of Hurricane Sandy first broke I thought I’d seen all of this before, having lived through a series of tropical storms and near hurricanes…Read more


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IrishCentral polling Irish Americans on voting preference in US election

Starting today, IrishCentral, in conjunction with Amarach Research, is conducting the first ever poll of Irish Americans in a presidential election...Read More.

Election fever hits Ohio as Irish divided on who will win their vote -- Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

In Cleveland, Ohio, everyone has an opinion about November 6th. The one thing that people agree on at the West Side Irish American Club, is that Election Day cannot come soon enough…Read more.


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The five worst Irish storms of all time remembered

Ireland has suffered one major hurricane in the last few centuries. ‘The Night of the Big Wind’  was a massive hurricane that swept over Ireland on the night of January 6th 1839…Read more