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Irish woman prepares to marry an American man she’s only met online

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A Belfast woman is preparing to meet her American fiancé for the first time. The pair plan to marry, although they have never met, having found each other on an internet dating website...READ MORE


Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy - wedding crashers?

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Taylor Swift is taking a not-so-subtle approach into the Kennedy clan. Following what appear to be some too close for comfort tactics, Swift and 18-year-old boyfriend Conor Kennedy...READ MORE


Periscope: Cardinal Timothy Dolan to offer closing prayer at GOP convention in Florida

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Taking sides so openly in presidential election is not a very smart idea - So Cardinal Timothy Dolan is to give the closing prayer at the Republican National Convention in Tampa...READ MORE


New York mum seeks donations to fund trip to witness execution of her daughter’s killer

A distraught Irish-American mom is desperately trying to raise $4000 to witness the execution of her nine-year-old daughter’s murderer...READ MORE



Irish PM Enda Kenny backtracks after claiming Michael Collins brought Lenin to Ireland

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has been left red-faced – after bizarrely claiming that Rebel hero Michael Collins had brought Soviet communist leader Vladimir Lenin to Ireland...READ MORE

Patricia Mallon (not pictured) (48) from Belfast will meet her fiancée Joseph McMahon, from Oklahoma, for the first time in three weeks