Here's our top read stories in Irish news today:

Periscope: Catholics are now the new Protestants in American presidential politics

Top read story in news blogs

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan represent the first time ever an American presidential ticket that does not feature a Protestant of some denomination...READ MORE


An American in Ireland: Gold medal for Katie Taylor cost Irish taxpayer close to $400,000

Top read story in Irish roots

Did you see Monday's pictures from Bray, Co Wicklow? Tens of thousands of people gathered to celebrate Katie Taylor's Olympic gold in boxing...READ MORE


Exclusive: Finally, justice - 9/11 victim Ron Clifford prepares for Guantanamo trial

Cork native Ron Clifford found himself in the World Trade Center lobby by coincidence on September 11, 2001...READ MORE



Ireland Calling: Former billionaire Sean Quinn tells a story of two Ireland's

The story of Sean Quinn, just four years ago Ireland's richest man and now bankrupt, is the story of two Irelands. It's the story of the Ireland of the boom and the Ireland of the bust...READ MORE


One Direction’s Niall Horan flies home to Mullingar to welcome Olympic gold medalist John Joe Nevin - VIDEO

One Direction star Niall Horan made a special trip home to Ireland on Monday for Olympic winner John Joe Nevin’s homecoming in Mullingar...READ MORE