Three men found guilty of a vicious assault on two American tourists in Dublin city centre are to be sentenced on Monday.

The attack was so bad that victim Garth Russell, a US stockbroker, still has glass embedded in his eye.

Brothers Garth and Patrick Russell were attacked by the three men after they attempted to stop a robbery.

A Dublin court heard that the tourists tried several times to hail taxis to escape their attackers who were throwing glass bottles, but the drivers ‘didn’t want to know about it.’

The Irish Independent reports that Judge Mary Ellen Ring remarked: “The attack happened in one of the busiest places in the city and yet shamefully no-one came to the assistance of these men.”

Garth Russell suffered permanent facial scarring and his brother suffered a broken arm. The court heard Garth’s career was ‘significantly stunted’ because of the attack.

The report adds that a jury found Ian Dent (21) from Crumlin, guilty by majority verdict of two counts of violent disorder at Merchant's Arch in Dublin 2 and at nearby Crampton Quay on April 29, 2012.

Aidan Finnegan (28) of Rialto was unanimously convicted of one count of violent disorder.

Father-of-two Richard Fish (24) of St Anthony's Road, Rialto, pleaded guilty on his trial date to two counts of violent disorder.

A fourth accused, Anthony Clifford (23) of Mourne Rd, Drimnagh, had previously received a six year sentence in prison with one year suspended after pleading guilty to two counts of violent disorder.

Sergeant Amanda Flood told the court that the brothers were walking in Temple Bar when they stumbled on an apparent mugging in progress at Merchants' Arch.Garth Russell intervened and threatened to call police when the gang turned on the brothers and began assaulting them.

The court heard that after a brief scuffle, the gang armed themselves with glass bottles and chased the Americans down the quays.

The brothers tried to hail taxis before Garth Russell was struck in the face and head with a broken bottle. Patrick was struck in the arm as he tried to defend himself from a punch.

Lawyer Padraig Dwyer, defending Dent, said his client went ‘off the rails’ with a drink and drug problem but is now free from illicit drugs and regrets his involvement.