Ted Kennedy Jr. told an AFL/CIO convention in Connecticut on Wednesday that he seriously considered running for his father's senate seat and may well have politics in his future, but not right now.

Senator Edward Kennedy died August 25 of brain cancer.

"I would be lying to you if I said I never thought of running for office. I have," Kennedy Jr. said in an AP interview. "I think every Kennedy has at one point thought about that."

There was speculation after his powerful oration at his father's funeral that Kennedy might run for office.

But Kennedy said the his "primary job" is to raise his two young children and he said politics was "tough, demanding and ruthless."

"I'm told one day my children will not want to hang out with me," Kennedy said. "Maybe at that time I'll consider that.

"Who knows what the future may hold.”

Kennedy noted that his son, Ted, 11, had given interviews in which he said he planned to run for Senate when he was 45.

"He's already got his life all laid out," Kennedy joked. "I wish I could say the same for mine."