More audio from a series of interviews with Jackie Kennedy features the former first lady talking about her time in the White House.and her love for her husband JFK.

Kennedy gave the interviews to historian and former aide Arthur M. Schlesinger shortly after JFK’s assassination on November 22, 1963. These interviews are the basis of a new book "Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy."

The former First Ladies views on Catholics, Irish stew, Lyndon Johnson and various old fashioned views of the world have intrigued the public and her own grandchildren over the past week


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When asked “What there every any criticism of the things you did in the White House in all those years?” referring to the refurbishment and opening the White House to tours  she replied “Never, no. They had the most incredible interest and then the tours would start going” and every night he [JFK] would come home saying we had more people today.”

She continued “He was just so proud and I was just happy that I could do something to make him proud of me because I’ll tell you one wonderful thing about him. I was never any different when I was in the White House than I was before but the press made it different.

“Suddenly everything  that had been a liability before: your hair, that you spoke French, that you didn’t just adore to campaign, that you didn’t cook bread with flour up your arms. You know everyone thought that I was a snob and hated politics.”

The former First Lady spoke about the deep support she felt from her husband in the early years of marriage. She said “Well Jack never made me feel like a I was a liability for him but I was and then I was having a baby and I couldn’t campaign. And then when we got in the White House all the things that I’d always done suddenly became wonderful because everything the first lady does, everyone sees.

I was just so happy for Jack, especially the fact that we were only three years together three years together that he could be proud of me then because you know it made him so happy.”