British Minister of State Paul Goggins has informed Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams that the threat against his life is “substantial” and that “an attack is a strong possibility.”

The PSNI has warned Adams several times over the past few months that his life is in peril.

Goggins sent Adams a letter recently telling him he had requested his officials “to obtain an up to date threat assessment on you from the Security Service,” based on the fresh intelligence received.

In the assessment, the threat level was deemed “substantial – an attack is a strong possibility.”

“Those responsible for these threats have nothing to offer the people of Ireland. They have no strategies or political program and want to turn the clock back to conflict,” said Adams of the warnings.

“They must be resisted and rejected. Neither I, nor the Sinn Féin leadership will be intimidated or frightened by these groups. We are determined to pursue our republican goals of ending partition and Irish unity and of making the political institutions function and deliver for citizens.”

Security for Adams, who is busy this weekend attending events to commemorate the Easter 1916 Rising, is expected to be increased on the back of this new intelligence.

Adams is the principal speaker at a commemoration ceremony at Milltown Cemetery in West Belfast on Saturday.

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